thinking pelican

Hello, visitor. My name is John Peloquin. I live in the East Village of Manhattan where I enjoy eating food and listening to garbage trucks. Sometimes I am mistaken for a pelican.


I write software for work and pleasure. I particularly enjoy front-end web development. Recent projects include some internet speed test tools, a Google Chrome extension for Amazon CloudWatch, and a JavaScript library for Philips Hue. I also do freelance technical editing. Here are some books I edited:

More information is available here.


I studied math as an undergraduate at Berkeley. My primary interests are in foundations (set theory, recursion theory, model theory, and the like). Here are some expository papers I wrote:


Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a professional philosopher. Here are some short papers I wrote during a brief stint in graduate school at USC:

Here is another paper I wrote randomly, before USC: